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Strengthening the brand & boosting their social media presence...

…is what we at Denkeli Group helped CityDäck with. Before our help, their social media feed was mediocre and the audience engagement with the posts were low. The challenge here was to make something entertaining out of an industry where everything were monotonous. To boost the engagement, we came up with the idea to create content around the business in a ”Vlog” style. By letting the viewers see what it’s like behind the scenes at the facility, we made it interesting for them to follow CityDäck and even give their thoughts and reactions on the content, which led to a higher audience engagement.

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What type of content did we create?

We created videos & stories for Instagram and Facebook, we took and edited photos, Reels, IGTV… We created everything to make sure that CityDäck gets a great and long lasting exposure on social media.

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Do you have a project in mind?

Let’s be honest, if the project you have in mind was easy, you would’ve done it yourself. We love a little challenge, and will take the project head on.
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